More Tricks!

Today was my last day in the Fur-Get Me Not Tricks Class!  I needed a little bit of warming up, but once I got started, I had tons of fun.

I’m offering my paw quite a bit and getting Shake down.  So we decided to do some paw targeting.  I was almost doing “Who’s King,” where I’m supposed to sit in front of a chair and put both front paws up on the chair.  But I’m just a little too short to reach, so I was standing on my back feet and putting one or two paws up when invited.  It helps so much that my foster mom taught me “Up” to make sure I only get on the couch or the bed when I’m invited!

By the end of class, I was tackling the hardest trick on the list — Clean Up Your Toys!  I had so much fun with a cone that I would pick it up with my mouth, and automatically take it over to my mat.  I would then trade for a tasty treat and drop the cone.  Now all I need is a box by my mat, and to learn to drop the cone or toy into the box!  That should impress everyone!

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