Blue: Adopted!

I’m a fun, toy-loving goofball.  My name is Blue because of my gorgeous blue eyes.  But I’m so silly that my friends at the Alexandria shelter started calling me “Bloopers”!  I like both names, so you can call me either one.

I’m a neutered male Jack Russell Terrier and Bull Terrier mix.  At about one year old, I’m still pretty energetic and I like to find mischief.  But my beautiful blue eyes let me get away with a lot of things!

Blue looking dapper

This summer, I was taken to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria because my former owners lived in a place that couldn’t have pets.  For some inexplicable reason, I kept getting passed over at the shelter.  All the kind shelter staff and volunteers fell in love with me and have helped me along.  The  Behavior and Training Department worked with me to teach me basic manners and patience.  And I really loved  play group sessions!

The first week of October, I went on a special field trip to Peaceable Paws in Maryland.   I attended and graduated from the Level One Dog Training Academy with the help of great trainers.  I even got to stay overnight at a hotel.  It was so fun to ride up and down in the elevator, and I made friends with everyone there!  I’m a total cuddle bug.  I’ll curl right up by your chest and sleep soundly with you.  Sometimes I even like to sleep in by myself for a while.

When I went back to the Alexandria shelter after that fun week at Peaceable Paws, I got pretty lonely.  I’m  a social butterfly and so ready to find a home!  The Behavior and Training folks stepped things up for me to keep my mind and body active.  The Adoption staff thought it was best for me to transfer to a rescue so that I could find a good foster home in the meantime.

That’s when Homeward Trails Animal Rescue stepped up to find a place for me.  While I waited for a foster home, I enjoyed doggie daycare and boarding at Wag More Dogs, which generously donates spots to Homeward Trails for dogs like me waiting for homes!

I was reunited with the wonderful volunteer who would take me for overnights at the shelter.  She became my Homeward Trails foster mom, spoiling me rotten and giving me a really cozy place to stay while I waited to find just the right home.  Here I am, snuggled in bed after a long, fun-filled day, waiting patiently for my forever home.

I still went to daycare at Wag More Dogs during the weekdays.  To keep up my training, I worked with a trainer right down the street at Fur-Get Me Not to practice my skills.

I’m one lucky dog to have so much help!  I tried to be patient, but I really was hoping to get adopted before the end of 2011.  And wouldn’t you know it, the perfect family came through!  On New Year’s Eve, I went to live with a wonderful family in a beautiful house on over 30 acres of property just outside of Rochester, New York!  Boy, am I one lucky dog!  And my family is so impressed with what a good dog I am!  Many, many thanks to all of you for helping me put one foot in front of the other to find my way home!

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