Fur-Get Me Not Tween Social!

Last night, my foster mom Toni and I went to Fur-Get Me Not for a really fun “Tween Social” for all of those dogs like me — too old for puppy socials, but still puppy enough to play all day long!

Baker, George and Skylar came, too!  Baker and I wrestled for a long time, and then George and I had a great game of tug with a toy.  Sklylar did her best to keep us all out of trouble!

My First Day at Fur-Get Me Not!

I got to start classes today at Fur-Get Me Not!  I just love their Training School, especially with the new red paint!

I got to chill out a little bit before class, and went shopping for a nifty new harness and leash.  It looks pretty good on me!  I also met Sugar, and he let me play with some of his toys!

I was in the Tricks Class, and we worked on stuff like Crawl, Sit Up Pretty and Shake.  I really started to get the hang of Shake!  And Crawl was pretty fun.  Sit Up Pretty is going to take a while, but I’ll get it eventually.

After class, Sugar and I got to relax.  You can see Sugar in the background in this picture.  I had tons of fun, and can’t wait to go back!

One More Step!

I left the Alexandria shelter today — not quite yet for my forever home, but I’m getting one step closer.  Homeward Trails Animal Rescue has come to get me for a change of scenery.  I’m off to daycare and boarding at Wag More Dogs while I wait for a foster home!

I can’t thank everyone enough at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria!  During my time there, I made so many wonderful friends.  I’ll miss everyone so much! Maybe the person who adopts me will be from Alexandria, so that I can go back and visit when my new adopters register me and get my new ID tags!