Happy New Year! And what a Happy year it will be!

Happy New Year, everybody!  And do I have some great news for you!  I’ve been adopted!  What a great way to start 2012!  Here’s a picture of me in my handsome Homeward Trails adoption vest, which I won’t be needing anymore!

A very nice manager at Fur-Get Me Not met me, and thought I would be the perfect addition to her best friend’s family in her home state of New York.  The family was so excited about me, and so dedicated to my adoption.  On New Year’s Eve, the manager and my new family split the drive to transport me all the way to a town outside of Rochester, New York.  I’m now being spoiled rotten and charming the pants off of my new family!  I live with a wonderful couple, in a beautiful house that sits on over 30 acres of land!  Boy, do I have it made!

My new family can’t get over what a good dog I am!  Many thanks to everyone who helped with my training, including the Behavior and Training Department with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, Peaceable Paws and Fur-Get Me NotHomeward Trails and Wag More Dogs also stepped in just when I needed it!  And no one helped me out more than my lovely foster mom, Toni!  Thanks for everything!

Please keep watching this blog!  I’m sure my new family will send along pictures and updates about how I’m doing.  And there will be posts about plenty of other animals putting one paw in front of the other to find their perfect homes!

More Tricks!

Today was my last day in the Fur-Get Me Not Tricks Class!  I needed a little bit of warming up, but once I got started, I had tons of fun.

I’m offering my paw quite a bit and getting Shake down.  So we decided to do some paw targeting.  I was almost doing “Who’s King,” where I’m supposed to sit in front of a chair and put both front paws up on the chair.  But I’m just a little too short to reach, so I was standing on my back feet and putting one or two paws up when invited.  It helps so much that my foster mom taught me “Up” to make sure I only get on the couch or the bed when I’m invited!

By the end of class, I was tackling the hardest trick on the list — Clean Up Your Toys!  I had so much fun with a cone that I would pick it up with my mouth, and automatically take it over to my mat.  I would then trade for a tasty treat and drop the cone.  Now all I need is a box by my mat, and to learn to drop the cone or toy into the box!  That should impress everyone!


I went to Fur-Get Me Not today for another Tricks class!  I’m getting pretty good at Crawl and Shake.  Here I am with Toni, my wonderful foster mom, working on Crawl.  I was just getting going, so I didn’t really end up crawling on this video, but I promise, I was doing it in class!

I also tried Take a Bow and Weave between Toni’s and Heidi’s legs.  Lots of fun, but I got really sleepy by the end of class.  So I just chilled out on my mat at the end.  Stay tuned, because I start Levels Training this week!

Here I am at the Homeward Trails Adoption Event!

Here’s a picture from Homeward Trails‘ adoption event at Wylie Wagg in Falls Church this weekend!  Don’t I look great in my vest?  I had lots of fun.  My best dog buddy at the event was Copper, a Mastiff mix.  And my best human buddy was a friend I met at summer camp when I was still at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria!  It was so good to see him again!  I still remembered all the tricks he taught me!

So Many Things To Give Thanks For!

As I think about Thanksgiving this year, I have so many people to thank!

The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria for their patience and kindness.

Peaceable Paws for a fun week of intensive training.

Homeward Trails for taking me in last week.

Wag More Dogs for setting me up while I get settled with my foster mom.

Fur-Get Me Not for helping me keep my training skills up.

And my lovely foster mom, Toni!  Here I am at her house after a long, fun-filled day, dinner and a bath!

Fur-Get Me Not Tween Social!

Last night, my foster mom Toni and I went to Fur-Get Me Not for a really fun “Tween Social” for all of those dogs like me — too old for puppy socials, but still puppy enough to play all day long!

Baker, George and Skylar came, too!  Baker and I wrestled for a long time, and then George and I had a great game of tug with a toy.  Sklylar did her best to keep us all out of trouble!